The Similarity of Differences

Excerpts from an article written by director Alejandro González Iñárritu on his upcoming film, Babel, for FLM Magazine:

"I began shooting Babel under the firm conviction that I would make a picture about the difference between human beings and their inability to communicate, not only because of physical, political and emotional frontiers. I was going to do it from a complex and universal standpoint until the more intimate plane of two people could be reached...

I had a feeling that, alongside the film's central theme and despite all the technology that has been developed to improve communication between human beings, the reality turns out to be very different. The problem is not with the countless new tools used to communicate but that nobody listens... filming Babel I confirmed that real borderlines are within ourselves and more than a physical space, barriers are in the world of ideas.

I realized that what makes us happy as human beings could differ greatly, but what makes us miserable and vulnerable beyond our culture, race, language or financial standing is the same for all..."

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