They're Lying Dormant in You Now

"The girl group I’ve created—Santa, Clyde, Isabel, Tori, and Pip—are my alter egos, different facets of myself. As a minister’s daughter, I was brought up with so much religion, and at a certain point I thought, ‘Wait a minute, where are the women?’ They’re either virgin mothers or prostitutes. So, I went back to Greek mythological goddesses for inspiration, to get away from those diluted stereotypes. I write separate blogs for each of the girls. They go out every week like a serial, so the girls have taken on a life of their own. When I go on stage, I’ll dress differently as if I’m each of them—it will be a big production. It’s really spurring me on—the girls are educating me. Everyone has alter egos inside them. They’re lying dormant in you now.”

--Tori Amos, AnOther Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2007