by Jorge Drexler

Spanish lyrics translated into English

Child of Russian immigrants who got married in Argentina to a Jewish painter, married for the second time to an African princess in Mexico.
Hindu music contrabanded by Polish gypsies is a hit in the interior of Bolivia.

African zebras and Australian kangaroos in the London Zoo.
Egyptian mummies and Incan artifacts in a New York museum.
Japanese lanterns and American chewing gum in the Korean bazaars of São Paulo.
Images of a volcano in the Philippines are shown on a television network in Mozambique.

Naturalized Armenians in Chile look for relatives in Ethiopia.
Canadian pre-fabricated houses made with Colombian wood.
Japanese multinationals establish businesses in Hong Kong and manufacture with raw materials from Brazil to compete in the American market.

Greek literature adapted for Chinese children in the European community.
Swiss watches counterfeited in Paraguay sold by peddlers in a Mexican neighborhood of Los Angeles.

A French tourist photographed semi-nude with an Arab boyfriend in the Baixada Fluminese.
Italian films dubbed in English with Spanish subtitles in Turkish movie theatres.

American batteries feed English household appliances in New Guinea.
Arab gasoline feeds American cars in South Africa.

Italian pizza feeds Italians in Italy.
Iraqi children fleeing the war can’t get a visa at the American consulate in Egypt to get into Disneyland.

March 20, 2007 NPR interview.