Not Knowing Even as We're Seeing

"It's kind of a paradox of being both a writer and a teacher, I want to preserve the mystery of art. Whatever illuminations art gives us depends upon some aspect of not knowing even as we 're seeing and understanding more. At the same time, I'm trying to teach my students something about it. So what can I say? This is how mystery is made - no I can't say that, there's no formula. But it is something that I'm increasingly fierce about, the preservation of mystery, of uncertainty in these times when certainty leads too easily to fanaticism. I want to weaken that connection. I want to find in art the means to get us thinking about the importance of uncertainty, the agile beliefs that can change, minds that can reflect again and find a different answer."

- Joanna Scott, speaking with Michael Silverblatt about her new collection of short stories, Everybody Loves Somebody
Excerpt at KCRW's Bookworm