I Still Find I'm Yearning for It

"People say very easy things to me like 'there's usually a bag of money in your films.' But that represents that yearning for something that's not necessarily going to be good for you, but you stretch for it. And the kind of background I come from, it's kind of very much part of your mentality. I come from a working class family and I wanted to get out of that working class environment. I wanted to get into this world of the arts. I yearned and yearned for it. And I still find I'm yearning for it even though--to other people's perspective--people would regard me as being successful. But I still yearn for that. I still feel like I'm sort of trapped in my background in a way. And yet on the other hand, you want to get back to it in some way, as well, because its values are often what you relate to more closely than more new, learned values. So there's always that tension going on. And everybody I know who's come from a similar background to me who's ended up in the arts, has a very similar feeling."

--Danny Boyle discussing his newest film, Sunshine, with Elvis Mitchell on KCRW's The Treatment.