Then Something Moves Me

"We write so much of our songs in, how do you say, improvising sort of thing. Well, if you call it improvising. I think its more just when you get into a flow with somebody. We always go into a studio…And he starts playing. We hit record straight away. And then I just sort of sit around doing nothing and then something happens that moves me. And I kind of react to that and it's something very beautiful that happens. Because sometimes, you know, one wants to go up and the other one wants to go down and so it's a clash and you have to stop and go back, and you know, write the song. And sometimes both are just completely there and it's like, when that happens, it's like some kind of tunnel vision happens. And you almost feel like you don't have a body at all. There's this panoramic view of things happening and it's kind of explaining that -- what you're seeing. It's a beautiful feeling. You get really addicted to it."

~ Emiliana Torrini, discussing her writing the songs on her latest album, Me and Armini, with David Dye on the World Café (11.18.08)