Too Much Thinkin'

Shelby Lynne discussing Just a Little Lovin', her tribute to Dusty Springfield with Liane Hansen on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday (3.2.08):

Liane Hansen: Did you have arrangements in mind before you got into the studio?

justalittlelovin Shelby Lynne: Absolutely not. I can’t imagine doing that. I think that would have caused too much thinkin’ about it. If you think too much about something, you’re not feeling it. And that’s just the way I approach music, you know? And my band could tell you, I’d rather do anything than rehearse. So a sound check’s about all we get.

LH: You did this in five days?

SL: Mm, hmm. That’s enough time in studio. If you know what you need, and you know what you’re going after, and you have your list of songs – do it and get outta there. That’s my way.

LH: How did you decide which songs to do?

SL: I chose my favorites. And I chose the ones I really thought I could make my own…I had no idea before I stepped foot in studio, but when the songs started showing themselves I knew I had to be somewhat daring, because everybody’s heard these songs a million times. It had to be something a little bit crazy. And I’m not scared. I go and if it’s scary, it’s not scary enough, let’s keep going.

LH: Was there ever a time, though, that you doubted doing an album of cover songs?

SL: Oh my god. I drank more whiskey makin’ this record in the studio. My nerves – every now and then I’d breakdown and hit my flask and say, “You must be out of your mind. What are you doin’? Number one, you’re cuttin’ songs that everybody loves and adores the original records. Plus, Dusty Springfield – you idiot!” But then I’d drink a little more and it’d be okay.