Telling Them Films

The Life Before Her Eyes "When I was a kid, I went to a camp. Because I have a heart condition I was stuck with that were literally blue, kids my age that had to walk with a walker and being supported and all that. And I just have a small heart condition that I've compensated for, it's no problem in my life. I felt such a kinship with these kids at the time that I would read a book and then lie on a bunk late at night as we were supposed to sleep and tell them stories from that book. And invariably, they were condensed visual versions of the book. And so unknowingly, completely, without having any kind of film, I was kind of telling them films at that time."

~ Vidam Perleman, discussing his recent adaptation of The Life Before Her Eyes into a film on KCRW's The Treatment (4.23.08). His first film was an adaptation of The House of Sand and Fog. Other projects in the works include an adaptation of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged starring Angelina Jolie.