Equations that Describe Enlightenment

"Let's put it this way, Newton was incredible, but relativistic and quantum physics take it to a whole other level. They don't exactly replace Newton, but they're based on Newton. But they show us things that Newton could never have dreamed of.

"If you had told Newton the results of relativity—I mean he could have eventually understood it—but upon first hearing something like E=mc² or that its essentially chance that's responsible for these forces, OK? Or the quantum view? Upon first hearing the relativistic or quantum view of physics, Newton would have freaked. Totally freaked. And yet, of course, eventually he'd understand it. But it takes it to a whole other thing.

"I believe that the Buddha was the Sir Isaac Newton of spirituality. Absolutely sui generis—in a class by himself. Now, what we need is an Albert Einstein and a Richard Feynman all trained in western science—neuroscience—to say, Oh and yes, by the way, here are the equations that describe enlightenment and here's some alternative interventions that can really speed the process along for the average person in this world."

~ Shinzen Young speaking with David Van Nuys on The Wise Counsel Podcast (April 1, 2008)