8 (Mile) is Enough

Photo by Pat Shannahan, USA Today Did anybody else notice that Barack Obama borrowed some of his speech writing skills from Eminem?

I pulled up the movie's plot outline from Wikipedia this morning and the similarities are uncanny. I'm predicting "Lose Yourself" will be played following rousing speeches yet to come.

"The climax of the movie takes place at the battle. Rabbit's friends hype him throughout the film as an incredible rapper, but until this point the film only shows snippets of his skills. The tournament has three rounds, and in each of them Rabbit faces a member of the "Leaders of the Free World", a group that feuds with Rabbit and his friends throughout the film. Rabbit wins both of the first two rounds with progressively more impressive freestyle raps."

"In the last round, he is paired against Papa Doc, the tournament's most feared battler and Jimmy's main antagonist throughout the 8milestoryline. Rabbit is aware that Doc knows all his weak points, so he decides to address them preemptively with his freestyle. Rabbit acknowledges without shame his white trash roots and the various humiliations the Free World clique have inflicted on him. He then uses the difficult life he's had as a springboard to reveal the truth about Papa Doc: despite passing himself off as a thug, he has a privileged background. Doc, whose real name is Clarence, attended Cranbrook, a private school located in upper class Bloomfield Hills. Rabbit makes a reference to Shook Ones Pt. II, the beat that the DJ is spinning, by calling Papa Doc a 'halfway crook,' which sends the crowd into a frenzy. Doc is left with nothing to say in rebuttal, drops the mic, and Rabbit takes the title."