Bound by Feathers

Feather in Bas-Relief
by Allen Edwin Butt, from Poetry Magazine (January 2009)

Poetry Words without much use
now. Unable to remake
the thing. And I thought

what should I think—
followed by: spring light looks
like feathers. (Birds

seemed conveniently
decorous.) What then
does this leave I asked

& was surprised to know
so quickly—that my understanding
of what the light & birds

could not be made to mean
would not detract
from them as they

were. Bound by feathers
(a thought, I will admit,
born of artifice alone)

they bore themselves aloft.
What could I counter with?
I, who held my heart

in offering as much for
show as for a fear so deep
I found I couldn't name it.

*     *     *

AllenButtAllen Edwin Butt lives in Beaufort, South Carolina, and is a student at Presbyterian College. This is his first appearance in print.”

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