Making Music with the Mind

subConchThe subConch looks like a creation that Björk might have have bred by mating an iPod with a biofeedback device. I would love to give it a spin. It’s played by manipulating mental activity. 

“The instrument, a conch shaped metal sculpture, is hung from the ceiling in three steel wires. Along with the conch comes a headset that the performer wears. The headset reads the players mind using EEG technology and transmits his conscious and unconscious thoughts to the conch. The conch in turn interprets these and synthesizes sound.”

“The subConch is an interactive installation currently in development by Mats J. Sivertsen. The installation will be exhibited in art galleries and used in musical performances.”

The subConch: mind control musical instrument from Mats J. Sivertsen on Vimeo.

@stuartdavis and @ryanoelke