Creating a Sense of Self

brothers bloom Elvis Mitchell: I guess the thing I find so fascinating about both of these films (Brick, The Brothers Bloom) is that there’s this kind of willful quality to create a narrative, or in the case of Bloom, even a fiction in which you live your life. And then the emotional truth comes in…

Rian Johnson: …I really do believe that to a certain extent, that’s what we do. You sit down with someone. You want to know about them. You ask them the story of their life. That’s how we create, even down to the fundamentals of creating a sense of self. We kind of build this narrative day-to-day, and write this story for ourselves. And that’s how we—even for ourselves—define who we are, I think.”

Discussing The Brothers Bloom on KCRW’s The Treatment (May 13, 2009).