Digesting Technology

"It's an onslaught of information coming in today. At one time a screen meant maybe something in your living room. But now it's something in your pocket so it goes everywhere — it can be behind the wheel, it can be at the dinner table, it can be in the bathroom. We see it everywhere today."

brussels_sprouts“Just as food nourishes us and we need it for life, so too — in the 21st century and the modern age — we need technology. You cannot survive without the communication tools; the productivity tools are essential. And yet, food has pros and cons to it. We  know that some food is Twinkies and some food is Brussels sprouts. And we know that if we overeat, it causes problems. Similarly, after 20 years of twinkiesglorifying technology as if all computers were good and all use of it was good, science is beginning to embrace the idea that some technology is Twinkies and some technology is Brussels sprouts. And if we consume too much technology, just like we consume too much food, it can have ill effects. That is the moment we find ourselves in with this series, with the way we’re digesting, if you will, technology all over the place today."

~ Matt Richtel, from “Digital Overload: Your Brain On Gadgets,” in discussion with Terry Gross, Fresh Air, August 24, 2010

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