Everything Proceeds through a Process of Evolution

Excerpt from "There is No Enemy," by Ken McLeod, Buddhist Geeks Conference, July 31, 2011:

Why do we practice? We practice to create other possibilities in our lives. And it’s possible. That’s the amazing thing. The genius of Buddha and many other sages over the years has shown that this is possible. It’s possible to experience our life in a different way and...to act [based on this different perspective].

We cannot control the reactions that come up in us.Riding the Ox Home A lot of people practice with the idea they’re actually going to be able to control your mind. No, you’ll never going to be able to do that. But by practicing, you can open up other possibilities...When we set out to change the world, we necessarily, almost naturally, almost unavoidably move into an us versus them.

Why? Because we have a vision of what we want the world to look like and it’s different from how things are now. So we think, Okay, I've got to get rid of whatever is making the world like this so that this can happen. There’s a little bit of problem in this perspective.

We’re here in World A. We want to get to World B but we’re ignoring how World A actually is. The only way we’re going to get from World A to World B is through a process of evolution...not revolution. [Evolution] is much more difficult. You have much less control. It takes a lot more work and a lot more effort. People get impatient and that’s all very understandable, but everything proceeds through a process of evolution. It can be faster or slower but it really is through evolution.