Something You Can't Quite Grasp but Can Never Lose

Excerpt from Falling Into Grace by Adyashanti:

Self Portrait, August 3, 2011There's something about each and every one of us that's the same now as it ever was. You can feel that and sense that right now, in this very moment, because it's that which is [seeing] and hearing and feeling, and it's that which is thinking and imagining, right this very moment. Even though you can't conceptualize it, it's there: something you can't quite grasp, but you can never lose. That's what you are: something you can never quite completely imagine, but you can never lose sight of.

Everything—your body, my body, everybody's body, everything you see, every piece of dust, every discarded piece of trash on the roadside—is nothing but a manifestation of that pure potential called spirit.

If you look back over your life, isn't there something about you that always remains unchanged? There's something about you that's the same as it ever was. See if you can feel that. Don't try to understand it. Just feel it. What is it that's there now that has always been there?