Seek Growth

The Angry Therapist's reponse to the question, What’s the one piece of advice you wish you’d been given in your mid-twenties?

Focus on what’s in front on you.

Work on the relationship you have with yourself first.

Slow down.

Enjoy today.

It’s okay to not know.  

Eat alone in restaurants.  Stop trying to prove something.  

Seek growth instead of validation.  

Shatter your veneer.  

Be heard.  

Draw boundaries.  

Pull from your Solid Self as much as you can.  


Process (get therapy).  


Don’t compartmentalize people.  

Love fearlessly, even though you’ve been crushed before.  

Practice gratitude.  

Eat clean.  

Toss your scale.  

Pull yourself out of the victim position.  

Exercise your forgiveness muscle (you will need this).  

Don’t be concerned with what others think of you.  

Step out of line and jump into life, yours.  

Accept your story.  

Don’t chase paper.  

Seek truth.  

Be patient.      

[Thanks Jonathan Carroll!]