An Instant's Recognition

"Paper on paper" (aka "Origamis") series, Marc Fichou

"Thinking is of immense importance, and we might have a better world if we all learned how to think. But at the same time, thinking may only be the prelude to meaning. We read, take classes, converse, study, and perhaps write.  These intellectual activities are priceless, but their value may be to prepare us for an instant's recognition of the vital seed, what the ancients called the scintilla, the spark, that gives life to everything we do and see.  Once we glimpse that spark, we will have learned that there is indeed a beyond that can be found in what is closest at hand. All our education might be brought to a point where it allows us to glimpse in wonder the slightest breath of life in front of us."

~ Thomas Moore, from Original Self: Living with Paradox and Authenticity

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