Where I Am

Hierve de Aqua, Oaxaca, November 2010

Two poems by Mary Oliver from A Thousand Mornings



There are lots of ways to dance and

to spin, sometimes it just starts my

feet first then my entire body, I am

spinning no one can see it but it is

happening. I am so glad to be alive,

I am so glad to be loving and loved.

Even if I were close to the finish,

even if I were at my final breath, I

would be here to take a stand, bereft

of such astonishments, but for them


If I were a Sufi for sure I would be

one of the spinning kind. 



I have decided to find myself a home

in the mountains, somewhere high up

where one learns to iive peacefully in

the cold and the silence. It's said that

in such a place certain revelations may

be discovered. That what the spirit

reaches for may be eventually felt, if not

exactly understood. Slowly, no doubt. I'm

not talking about a vacation.


Of course, at the same time I mean to

stay exactly where I am.


Are you following me?