Shattered Pieces of the Same Bright Sun

Good Friend
by Cloud Cult, from Love

Oh this life is so strange, you need a sense of humor.
The maker is half caretaker and half joker.
We are not broken ones. . .just shattered pieces of the same bright sun,
trying to figure out which way to run,
and I can't do this alone.

All I need is a good good friend
To get me through this
All I need is a good good friend
To help me out
When I'm burning down
When I'm all stressed out
When I'm underground.

Life is a playground, but it takes a lot work.
You better learn to love, or it'll tear you apart,
cuz in the end, we are measured by the size of our heart,
and we can't do this alone.

Some of us are laughing, while some of us are choking
Some of us can't change til every bone has been broken.
All the while the maker just sits there joking, "You never really were alone."

Thank you for being around.