What We All Want to Hear

Excerpt from It Begins With Silence: The Art of Mindful Reflection by Stephen Schettini:

March 17, 2013Dozens of self-help books today provide techniques that, their authors claim, work in ten days or even ten minutes. Clearly, their pubishers know the market all too well, for that's exactly what we all want to hear, but they're pandering shamelessly to our most childish fantasies. 

Some of my students have been initially disappointed to learn that I don't breeze through life on a cloud of meditative calm, but my job is to demonstrate that awakening to your full conscious potential is a commitment of body, mind and life. 

Nevertheless, I've learnt, and I teach, that from the day we begin, the meditative lifestyle enhances all we do at work, at home and at leisure. It's sometimes easy and sometimes hard, but nothing's more wonderful than the sense that what we're doing is worthwhile and that your little corner of the world has become a brighter place.