Finally Paying Attention to All of Myself

"How do I understand that I am enough for the mere fact that I exist? Let me put it another way. How do I love myself wholeheartedly and without fail?

I can tell you it's not by saying positive affirmations. It's not by forcing a positive attitude. It is not by doing good deeds and it's not by praying. All those things are a result of abundance not as a means to attaining it in any lasting way. 

It is through delving into the darkest parts of me–the parts that I loathe, the parts that I judge, the parts I feel ashamed of, the most uncomfortable parts that I avoid, repress, and deny. It is through acknowledging, befriending, and learning to love my feelings of lack–my feelings of not being enough, my feelings of not being worthy–that I eventually learn that I am enough because I'm finally paying attention to myself–all of myself."

~ Jennifer Moon

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