Every Day

In 2011, while she was working in special education, and as a music therapy intern, Emily Caudill was diagnosed with metastatic germ cell ovarian cancer. She sustained significant hearing impairment as a result of chemotherapy. Emily believes that life is a song, and the music is composed by our stories. 

"I couldn't ever imagine enjoying music the same way that I used to, but still, something deep inside was saying, 'Don't stop playing.' So I set some goals: practice for twenty minutes a day, every day. I set a timer and stood up and played long, slow bow strokes and if I got to twenty minutes I was done for the day. The highest octaves sounded like a cat scratching on a chalkboard, but I played through it and I came back to it anyway. Every day. I played it anyway."
From "Fading Notes," The Story Collider

So moving and inspiring!  

What a reminder for us all to keep practicing whatever it is that makes us feel alive -- regardless of what it looks like or sounds like or feels like from day to day.