Feel More at Home in Your Life

How can you feel more at home in your life just as it is right now?

By habitually paying attention in liberating ways. 

We tend to rely on a narrative form of attention. Life feels like a story. This means we're usually engaged in solving story problems: analyzing, evaluating, or making decisions. We habitually aim for the contentment waiting on the other side of a current conflict. It's a moving target.

When you pay attention differently on purpose, you disrupt the default storytelling mode.  

Notice more

Strengthen concentration. Experience your senses directly. Observe your thoughts and feelings. Tune into natural fluctuations. Live life in higher definition. Fall in love with the mundane.

Suffer less 

Decrease resistance to normal discomforts. Increase satisfaction from ordinary pleasures. Change your relationship to unpleasant emotions. Accept inevitable uncertainties. Allow things to change. 

Pass it on

Erode internal resistance to friendliness. Connect. Embrace imperfections. Feel your feelings. Recognize basic, shared motivations underlying observable actions. Provide care with healthy boundaries. Experience the freedom of minding your own business.

Just as physical exercise increases strength, flexibility, and endurance to support the regular activities of your life, attentional fitness can be developed through exercise. It is a natural, flexible, dogma-free approach that supports well-being and erodes the need for perfect circumstances.