What Full Attention Feels, Looks, and Sounds Like

"Artist Marina Abramovic's latest project is called 'Goldberg,' and it is a collaboration with celebrated pianist Igor Levit and the Park Avenue Armory. The team says it's designed to help audiences remember what full attention actually feels, looks, and sounds like."

~ Note to Self podcast (Dec. 9, 2015)

Photo: James Ewing

Photo: James Ewing

Mannish Zomorodi: It was great. All concerts should be like this. It was great. I'm with her about like time and space and all that. It felt like my senses were being used in a way that I ignore them a lot. 

Jen Poyant: You also fell asleep, but Marina did say that it's perfectly fine to fall asleep and that might be people's reaction and you were definitely not the only one.