Heat, Steep, Sit, Drink

From "I Wish I Were a Bit Calmer," Food as Therapyby Helen Hayward:

The simple act of honouring one’s need for time and space, between the competing parts of our day, is age old. Not a quick cuppa leaning over the newspaper, mind you, a teabag dripping its way to the sink. This is about warming the teapot, or using a quality strainer in your favourite mug. This is about sating a spiritual need by letting your thoughts settle, like the leaves at the bottom of the cup. So that when your cup is empty, your mind reaches resting point.

If we could all sit quietly in this way, a cup of jasmine tea in our hands and seeking our own counsel, we’d need psychological help far less often.

Get out your favourite cup. Heat water in the kettle until just short of boiling point. Steep Jasmine tea leaves for three minutes in a pot or cup and strain–don’t leave the tea leaves to stew. Find lovely place to sit and drink undisturbed.

Food as Therapy describes feelings that we often experience in relation to home, love, anxiety, comfort, boredom or health, and suggests foods or dishes to match these feelings.