I Quit

"At the age of seventy-five Kilian McDonnell, began writing poetry seriously. Today, at ninety-one, he has authored four books of poetry, along with numerous other publications. Kilian is well known for saying that he does not write 'pious verse or inspirational verse,' rather he writes about people who had big problems."

"Perfection, Perfection"
by Kilian McDonnell, from Swift, Lord, You Are Not

("I will walk the way of perfection." Psalm 101:2)

I have had it with perfection.
I have packed my bags,
I am out of here.

As certain as rain
will make you wet,
perfection will do you

It droppeth not as dew
upon the summer grass
to give liberty and green

Perfection straineth out
the quality of mercy,
withers rapture at its

Before the battle is half begun,
cold probity thinks
it can't be won, concedes the

I've handed in my notice,
given back my keys,
signed my severance check, I

Hints I could have taken:
Even the perfect chiseled form of
Michelangelo's radiant David

the Venus de Milo
has no arms,
the Liberty Bell is