Silent Contributions to the Conversation

Brigham & Women's Hospital, Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory, March 2012

Benediction for a Neuroscience Study on Mindfulness

by Daron Larson 


May all of us — the people we agree with, the ones we disagree with, and those we don't know or notice — be free from the dangers we can encounter out in the world, as well as from the harm we inadvertantly create in our drive to be comfortable and certain.


May we be physically well, rested, and energetic.

May we develop a deeper intimacy with the ordinary sensory components of the human body and mind.


May our sincere, imperfect efforts contribute something useful to the conversation between the contemplative traditions and neuroscience, which share the desire to reduce human suffering. 

And may we feel at home in our lives, just as they are right now.