Gilbert Garcin

Time and Space are Lost

"Gilbert Garcin spent most of his life managing a lamp factory in France. At 65, he retired and took up a trick photography workshop. For the past ten years he has been creating comical, surrealistic photographs which warmly highlight sometimes cold, existential questions. Garcin inhabits this strange world and ponders it together with the viewer; with Garcin you have a dedicated, but perplexed, guide."

"Playfully placing himself within surreal landscapes and situations, Garcin allows the viewers to temporarily escape reality. In this existential state,  time and space are lost in Garcin’s imaginary world. Human existence and the solitude every being experiences in life and death is very present in his collections. However, any heavy philosophies of life are muted by the humourous overtones in each work."

"Interestingly, Garcin photograph’s himself, cut’s out the image, and pastes it back into a different constructed photograph. Garcin’s non-photoshopped crop is admirably non-technological. Perhaps his old-school process reflects his age (he celebrated his 80th birthday in 2009 with a traveling retrospective)? Or maybe because he is 'new' to the photography field."

~ from "The Surreal World of Gilbert Garcin," by Alafoto