Jeff Scher

A Shadow’s Dream

Creatures of a day
What is someone?
What is no one?
Man is merely a shadow's dream
But when god-given glory comes upon him in victory
A bright light shines on us and life is sweet
When the end comes the loss of flame brings darkness
But his glory is bright forever.

~ Pindar of Thebes (522-443 BC)

The Shadow's Dream by Jeff Scher

The Shadow’s Dream’ from Jeff Scher’s The Animated Life

No Time

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From “The Parade,” June 29, 2009:

The streets of the city are a non-stop parade of humanity. It’s a kind of grand, unchoreographed ballet of human locomotion. One of the great pleasures and measures of being urban is losing yourself in the crowd, with your feet and mind wandering, alone in your head but elbow to elbow with an inexhaustible supply of strangers…

We can’t help it. We are fascinated by faces and bodies alike. Every face tells a story, and the story is a mystery. The clues abound and we read them instinctively in the blink of an eye. We categorize one another as bums, businessmen, tourists, models, etc., almost unconsciously. But what fun it is to stare, and revel in the passing faces, reading wardrobe, ethnicity, posture, age. Indeed, it’s a feast with every possible variation of the species on parade. By walking in their midst we too become a part of the constantly changing people-scape and offer our own version of the mystery.

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