Fast Asleep

by Craig Minowa (Cloud Cult), from Love

We are your conscience.
We thought we'd tell you,
you've been sleepwalking
through most of your days.

Your eyes are open,
Your body's moving,
Your lips are speaking,
But you're far from awake.

Where is your passion?
Where is your wonder?
Where is your thankfulness?
You put them away.

Time's come to get up,
before you break down.
I know you're on it.

Where is your kid side?
Where is your joyfulness?
Where is your empathy?
Fast asleep.

Where went your moments?
Where went your presence?
Where went your purpose?
Fast asleep.

Time's come to get up,

before you break down.
I know you're on it.

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Passing through Light and Into Shadow

"While writing and recording Past Life, we worked to lift layers away, strip down and distill the core elements of the songs, which is reflected in the video. I want to create a world with as little as possible and the video speaks to these minimal aspects of the album. Visually, I was really drawn to the image of individuals passing through light and into shadow, this kind of fleeting glimpse." 

~ Ari Picker, Lost in the Trees

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And They Wake Up

The Paper Kites: Young from Oh Yeah Wow on Vimeo.


by Paper Kites

We only wake 'cause our eyes are open
Open so wide we walk in the dark
Trying so hard to keep what we're losing
Using our feet to show them the movements

And they wake up, and they go out
Head in a cloud

We were like them before we were older
Just like they're growing to be as we are
And still only speak with wording of caution
Sow and we reap what we're putting forward

And they wake up, and they go out
Head in a cloud

We can look down, see what we were
Shaking our fingers and using our words
We're all awake; we don't go out
Head in a cloud

Rush goes to the head it's all perception
I know, even so we all need time to grow 

Worse or Better

"The Bed Song": from Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra's album, 'Theatre Is Evil,' get the track FOR FREE / NAME YOUR PRICE at

video script/concept written by amanda palmer. 
directed by Michael McQuilken
produced by Jennifer Harrison Newman. Filmed on location at the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College on August 22-24, 2012 as part of a Live Arts Bard residency. 

Tiny, Beautiful, Funny, Tragic Moments

"As the days and weeks and months go by, time just seems to start blurring and blending into each other and, you know, I hated that, and visualization is the way to trigger memory. This project for me is a way for me to bridge that gap and remember everything that I've done. Even just this one second allows me to remember everything else I did that one day. It's difficult, sometimes, to pick that one second. On a good day, I'll have maybe three or four seconds that I really want to choose, but I'll just have to narrow it down to one, but even narrowing it down to that one allows me to remember the other three anyway."

~ Cesar Kuriyama, from "One Second Every Day," TED Talks, March 2012

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Slightly Unmapped


There it is
by Jo Hamilton, from Gown 

Climbing into the future
Leaving a wake of life
Fresh ideas for the picking
Throw them as seeds behind 

And there it is
A world of hope
Make your way
Through the undergrowth

Looking ahead what’s round the corner
Intriguing adventures all around
Leaving the map slightly unmapped
Focus but not too tight

And there it is
A world of hope
Make your way
Through the undergrowth.

All the Things We Couldn't See

"Fans of experimental indie rock, mark those calendars: Love, Cloud Cult’s ninth full-length, is coming out March 5 on the band’s own label, Earthology Records. Fans can pre-order the record now via the group’s site. . . The A.V. Club has the premiere of the video of its first single, All The Things We Couldn’t See. It’s lush, beautiful, and more of a visual collage than a story—so basically, perfect for a Cloud Cult song."