Take It All In

Creola Johnson is an active participant in the mindfulness practice group at Mount Carmel Health’s Healthy Living Center. Last week, she read this poem from her mindfulness journal. It's such a great reminder that when we practice mindfulness and share our observations, we are all students and teachers at the same time.

Just Breathe
by Creola Johnson

Look for the beauty in life.
Don’t be afraid of the things
that come your way.
The worries and cares of this
world will soon pass away.

Stop wasting your time on the
things you cannot control.
Enjoy the things you can.
Open your heart to the things
that surround you.

Listen to the birds that sing,
the buzzing of the bees.
Hear dripping water in the creek.
See the beautiful flowers that
bloom in the spring.

Life is a beautiful thing.
Just take it all in and breathe,
breathe, breathe.

Header photo: Pat Schmitt