What Was Happening in Our Minds?

Krista Tippett, from "Mirabai Bush — Search Inside Yourself: Contemplation in Life and Work," On Being, July 16, 2015:

It's almost like we're discovering all these other technologies and then we're kind of waking up to this spiritual technology that we kind of just need to bring us back to our senses almost. I mean, I wonder a lot about — whenever you stand in line these days or do anything that involves waiting, we're all on our phones immediately. We're never alone and we're never — we're always engaged with our phones.

I'm kind of starting to wonder, what did we used to do, right? Did we look around? And I know there was boredom—there's no romance attached to this—but somehow we survived and flourished. And it just makes me wonder what was happening in our minds, or inwardly then, or even in terms of our relationship to the world we were standing in that is completely gone now.

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