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Clarifying Boundaries & Eroding Barriers

Shinzen Young's Basic Mindfulness Home Practice Program (HPP) offers two- and four-hour sessions comprised of information, guided instruction, and time for questions. The longer sessions include a one- hour break between two periods of practice. Registrants receive dial-in information ahead of time and recordings following the sessions. 

Daron will be leading this session which explores both the internal (subjective) and external (objective) activation of the basic sensory elements as well as an exercise for cultivating emotional warmth toward oneself and others. 

The first part of this special offering explores the relationship between these contrasting themes. We will “drill down” into the various elements using both themes to clarify the boundaries between them and “back up” to experience each inner-outer continuum from a new perspective.

For example, we will explore the relationship between hearing sounds around us and the verbal aspect of thinking. 

During the second half of this session, we will put the accumulated momentum of concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity to good use by exploring a positive cognition approach to Nurture Positive. We will use the mental components of subjective experience to imagine the well-being of ourselves and others and observe emotional reactions in the body without expectation or judgment. This Shinzen Young-inspired adaptation of traditional metta meditation helps to erode the invisible barriers we unintentionally reinforce through the habitual identification of what makes us different from each other.

Prerequisites:  Some previous experience with Focus In, Focus Out, and Nurture Positive.

Additional details on this and other HPP sessions including registration information. 

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