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Cultivating Internal Friendliness

This session will be held over the phone as part of the monthly Unified Mindfulness Home Practice Program (5-9am Pacific / 8am-12pm Eastern). 

Forcing ourselves to express friendliness towards challenging people is about as realistic as trying to force ourselves to stop thinking or feeling. It doesn’t usually go well. The current cultural environment of political polarization and tribalism can increase the level of difficulty exponentially. 

The Unified Mindfulness framework provides several practical tools and insights for expressing emotions in liberating ways. Instead of trying to feel things we don’t feel, this session explores ways to become more familiar with our emotional activations in real time and to fight with them less. We will also discuss emotional expression and suppression.

In preparation for this program, please read or review the following sections from Five Ways to Know Yourself:

  • Chapter 1 - The Way of Thoughts and Emotions, pp. 21-25

  • Chapter 5 - The Way of Human Goodness, pp. 67-71

Details, registration, and recommended reading on the Home Practice Program site. 


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