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The Ins and Outs of See-Hear-Feel

This session will be held over the phone as part of the monthly Basic Mindfulness Home Practice Program

It offers a challenging drill sequence for people who are already acquainted with the various sensory perception modes and themes to sharpen your view of your self and the world around you. 

The program explores the relationship between:

  • seeing the world around you and observing your visual thoughts
  • hearing the world around you and observing your verbal thoughts
  • feeling physical and emotional sensations in the body. 

The program also explores the contrast between anchoring your attention in the world around you and focusing on the flow of thoughts and emotions.

The session will be broken into two 90-minutes guided work out session with an hour break in between. There will be time at the beginning of the second session for questions and observations. A recording of both segments will be emailed to you. 

Details, registration, and recommended reading on the Basic Mindfulness site. 


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