Daron Larson | Speaker, Teacher, Coach

I draw from what you already know about physical fitness to help you navigate the challenges of mindfulness practice.

In addition to coaching individuals, I give talks, lead workshops, and teach class series for companies, hospitals, continuing education programs, and in prisons.

As a parent, social worker, information specialist, and librarian, I have always been energized by identifying relevant resources to help people more effectively navigate personal and professional challenges.


  • Consistent daily mindfulness practice since 2002 (approximately 3,600 hours)

  • Ongoing education including intensive practice during annual silent meditation retreats since 2002 (longest retreat was three weeks, most are five-to-ten days)

  • Mindful awareness coaching, teaching, and speaking since 2009

  • Senior mindfulness teacher for Unified Mindfulness training programs

  • IMPACT Solutions (Ohio EAP) Provider of the Year for 2017 (mindfulness speaker and coach)

  • TEDxColumbus Talk (Nov. 2015) has been viewed nearly 260,000 times on YouTube

  • Contributed brain scans as an adept meditator for neuroscience research studies at Harvard Medical School and the University of Vermont

  • Contributed guided exercises for the Brightmind and Insight Timer meditation apps


Train your attention
with or without meditation

Relate more effectively
to the challenges of REAL life

Ready to start training your attention?

Talks and podcast conversations

TEDxColumbus Talk

"Your strategy for living in the present will go a lot better when you accept how frequently the present sucks."

“I don’t practice mindfulness to get good at sitting alone in a room. I practice to be able to focus and recharge and to regulate my emotions."

WBNS-10TV, Nov. 14, 2018

Fellow curious wanderer Terry Godier recently launched a cool new podcast called curious.fm. He invited me to be part of the conversation about decisions, ideas, and curiosity.

We talked about ways librarians can ignite curiosity, the double-edged sword of technology, the implications of an attention-driven economy, deconstructing and disrupting habitual impulses, the virtues of boredom, sneaking attention exercises into everyday life, and calibrating your decision-making process.

"During our conversation I really felt that not only is Daron passionate and deeply interested in his work, but he really cares for the people he is helping. I actually felt he really cared for me, with all my questions. And in the weeks, now months since we had this conversation, I've received several emails from Daron with a short note and often an attachment to an article he thought I would personally find interesting. And he was spot on each time."  

Diz Runs Radio

"How being more mindful can make you a better runner." 

Mindful Social with Janet Fouts

"There's no right or wrong way to practice mindfulness."